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New TLDs

Do you remember your first experience on the internet, where .COM was most likely the three magic letters in a URL to the right of the dot, called a domain? New TLDs will impact the way we connect online and essentially change how we navigate the web. Imagine the possibility of owning a piece of online real estate that defines who you are, such as,, or even It's your time to stand out from the crowd and in search results too.

A 'New TLD Portal' can be found at Digital Exploits. When you log in you'll find a new drop-down menu that allows you to access the portal. This portal will allow you to purchase domains as they become available, pre-register to better your chance to be awarded the domain, or create a watchlist to be notified on the status of upcoming TLDs. New TLDs are being approved every week, so create a watchlist or check back often!

To learn more about the launch sequence, click here.

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